A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created in one month for the 32-bit Jam!

A follow up to Pocket Tactics, Titan Tactics is inspired by the awesome tactic games of the 90s. Fight with your allies and uncover the mysteries of the kingdoms of Tyrmyr and Skathi!

 THIS IS A PRE-ALPHA BUILD, THERE ARE SOME KNOWN ISSUES: Don't use the analog sticks. The first level (tutorial) is somewhat broken. If you get stuck, try pressing ~ (tilde) on the keyboard to automatically clear it. If you find the moonwalking bug, where characters are walking sideways/backwards and controls are reversed, try pressing enter to pause, quit the game, and continue from where you left off (the game saves your progress, so you don't need to start from scratch).

Dualshock  controls:

 : Move cursor

 : Accept

 : Cancel

 : Menu/End turn 

 : Swap character

L1/R1: Rotate camera

Options: Pause

Keyboard  controls:

Arrow keys: Move cursor

X: Accept

Z: Cancel

S: Menu/End turn 

A: Swap character

Shift/C : Rotate camera

Enter: Pause


titan_tactics.zip 46 MB
Version 62 76 days ago
titan-tactics-windows.zip 45 MB
Version 62 76 days ago
titan_tactics.x86_64 79 MB
Version 62 76 days ago

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This is a really good game.  Props to you dude! Major glitch in the Mac version. Idk what I did when you get to the desert level (fourth level), but I spawned with double archer and double mage. Weird but okay. Then it glitched again where it didn't let me progress afterwards. So I had to restart


Wow, nice work. You really nailed the PS1 style


This game is so good and polished, it doesn't feel like a jam game.