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Nice game! Can I translate and publish it?Thank you

The controls are not and will not be rebindable and the scheme above is the only one available?

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We have plans to update the controls soon, but for now the game is best played with a Dualshock controller hooked up!

Thank you for the information. I look forward for the update.


Thank you for making this open source, it is a really great project to learn from.

very fun, made me think of classic tactical rpgs i used to love playing. thanks!

Nice game! I would gladly play more games like this.


Great game!

I only wish you were able to move freely around in real time when not in combat.

It can take a lot of time to get the whole party from A to B when movement is turn-based.

The game feels like it was chugging on linux. Thou I'm impressed the level of polish it already have

I love this game! However, I think I got stuck after the 5th mission. 

After I killed the last enemy, the cutscene began, but after the cutscene I got the level up message for my character who dealt the final blow, and it wouldn't leave the level. 

Perhaps you could change it to where the level up message triggers before the cutscene? Maybe that would fix it. 

Otherwise, I had lots of fun playing this game!


This game was tagged open-source but there's no link to a repo?


Hi! The source repository is here:


How long till version 1.0 ?

Weeks?, Months? or Years?


Most likely by the end of the 32-bit Spring Cleaning Jam, so mid-April!


The Spring Cleaning release is up!

I managed to hang the first level by ending the turn while the guard (first enemy) talks to me.

Congrats and nice work!

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This is a really good game.  Props to you dude! Major glitch in the Mac version. Idk what I did when you get to the desert level (fourth level), but I spawned with double archer and double mage. Weird but okay. Then it glitched again where it didn't let me progress afterwards. So I had to restart


Wow, nice work. You really nailed the PS1 style


This game is so good and polished, it doesn't feel like a jam game.