Created in 2 weeks for the Lowrez Game Jam 2020!

Choose from one of three classes and use your class’s advantage over another to plan the best route of attack and find a balance between health and damage. Each class is strong against one and weak against another, so recruiting weakened enemies to increase the diversity of classes on a team is crucial.

After the collapse of human civilization, rogue warriors fight for scraps on the surface, fighting for what few remnants they can find from the old world, and sheltering in caves from the chemically modified rain that pours like thick soup onto the landscape below. 

~2075, global warming becomes basically irreversible, and the ice caps begin melting way faster and raising the water levels way higher. By 2090, half of the world is under water. However, the humans figure out a plan - they create a chemical to make the water thicker, and thus slow its ability to cover the land. 

However, that chemical also increased the nutrient levels of water and has a crazy effect on plants, which makes them grow super fast. So the half of the world that's left starts getting rapidly overrun with plant life, and roots through the ground basically make cities and largely civilized areas unstable - mini earthquakes literally caused by plants growing through the ground essentially destroy most buildings. At this point, humanity resolves to create caves underground and live there, away from the increasing temperatures above ground and the plants that continue to skyrocket. 


(Reload page to clear your progress and start from level 1!)

X or Enter: OK
Z or Esc: Back
C or Space: Go to current character
Arrows or H/J/K/L: move cursor

Xbox gamepad:
B: Back
Y: Go to current character
D-pad: move cursor


Download 25 MB
Version 115 Aug 16, 2020
Download 24 MB
Version 115 Aug 16, 2020
Download 25 MB
Version 115 Aug 16, 2020


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I may be dumb but it seems my bowman just can't attack.

Either I move out of foe melee range, or my foe is next to me.

In both cases, my bowman can't shoot.

I noticed that enemy bowmen can shoot after moving, from greater distances as well as when next to my swordman.

How do i start the game? I am on computer.

Nvm i found out


Bug report- using chrome os, Game fully functional, except for when i lost my first soldier, the game softlocked, with animations still running, but no activity from any keyboard imput.


Hey, this is tagged as open source, where can I find the source code/project?


Hi! The source code repository is here:


Hi, is the source available?

Yes, source code is here:



Tiny Tactics is tagged as being Open Source, so I was hoping I could get ahold of the Godot project for it, so I can deconstruct it and learn. Is it posted somewhere?

Sorry to bother you, and either way: This is really neat.

Hi! The source code repository is here:

Note that this was a jam game, so it may not be the finest example of “how to build a game with godot”


Was this game made on godot ?? it feels like it was 


yeah it was :D good on ya for noticing ;)


This game is amazing! Definitely captures the old-school tactical RPG vibes! Great job guys! :)


Thank you so much!!


Really captures some of the vibe of the GBA Fire Emblem games! Small and fun